Baytown Plaza
[[Address("1900 Empire Blvd , Webster NY, 14580")]]

Baytown Plaza is a strip mall located on Empire Boulevard in ["Penfield"]. Geographically the businesses in the plaza are within the Town of Penfield, but are located in the Webster (14580) zip code and thus have Webster mailing addresses.[[Footnote(See ["Webster"] for graphic and additional discussion)]]

Incomplete list of stores in the plaza (in alphabetical order):

* ["Andy's Candies"]
* ["Bauman's Jewels of the World"]
* ["Blockbuster Video"]
* ["CVS" CVS Pharmacy]
* ["The Book Rack"]
* ["Dibella's"]
* ["Fashion Bug"]
* ["The Framing Edge"]
* ["GameStop"]
* ["HSBC"]
* ["McDonald's"]
* ["Pizza Hut"]
* ["Royal Dynasty"]
* ["Supercuts"]
* ["UPS Store"]
* ["Wal-mart"]

The DiMarco Group has petitioned the Penfield Planning board to make renovations to the plaza. The plan includes demolition of 27,000 sq ft of the closed ["TOPS"] store, new facefronts, and addition of two restaurant buildings in the current parking lot. Work would start later this year and new tenants could be in by 2009. See detailed information from links on the Penfield Planning Department page

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